Motion in Peacock case against grand jury filed, hearing postponed

Motion in Peacock case against grand jury filed, hearing postponed

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - The man accused of murdering his five best friends and then setting the house they were in on fire last May will no longer stand before a judge Monday, September 18.

Three days of hearings to address Jefferey Peacock's motion to dismiss the murder indictment have been postponed.

That motion claims the grand jury was made up of an unconstitutional composition.

Since Peacock was last seen in court back in May, his attorneys have filed several motions with the courts, all of which have not been heard yet.

Some of the most recent motions are a motion to change the venue, meaning the case would be tried in a different county, a motion to recuse the judge, a motion to recuse the district attorney, and a motion to bar victim impact evidence.

The hearing that was scheduled to take place next week was to focus on the defense's motion to dismiss the indictment due to an unconstitutional composition of the grand jury.

A grand jury is made up of randomly computer generated citizens from the community in which the case is being tried.

The grand jury is to match the race, gender, age, and sex makeup of the community.

Then that grand jury will decide whether to issue a true bill or no bill for an indictment.

Jeffrey Peacock was indicted on 14 charges back in March.

So far, no date has been announced for that hearing to be rescheduled.

Below is a copy of the motion:

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