City of Moultrie power fully restored

City of Moultrie power fully restored
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - It was initially estimated to take at least a week to restore power in Moultrie, but on Thursday, the lights were back on in the city after just two and a half days.

"All power is restored in the City of Moultrie," said Mayor Bill McIntosh.

The city is applauding the quick work of those utility crews.

But the work after Tropical Storm Irma is just getting started.

City leaders said it will now be a long process of debris collection.

"This is something we thought might had taken a week to do but these guys got it done in two and a half days, so we can't thank them enough," said McIntosh.

Moultrie Utility crews were recognized on Thursday for their swift work and the countless hours they worked to restore power.

"If you want to know who the men of Moultrie are, they are standing right here. They have really made a difference," said City Manager Pete Dillard.

Many teams, groups, and organizations came together to get the job done.

"We are so thankful for all the community support, those that came out and fed us, those that helped with the cleanup, those that came and poured and loved on our guys, they prayed for them. We are blessed," said Utilities Director Elvira Gibson.

But the hard work isn't over yet, now debris removal begins.

The city estimates this could take up to six weeks.

Normally, the crews collect 43 tons a week. So far, they've collected 250 tons.

It's a learning process, as South Georgia has now seen it's fair share of severe weather this year.

"They won't back off, they would keep going all night, we had to make them stop," said Dillard.

Utility crews aren't the only ones being recognized.

Dillard said McIntosh did not take no for an answer when Moultrie was denied shelters before Irma hit, he called for action in the community.

"He made sure we had shelters, he brought the public out, people jumped in and supported. When Mayor McIntosh calls, people answer, " said Dillard.

Officials also want to remind Moultrie residents that garbage collection is now on a regular schedule.

If you have yard trimmings, those cannot be mixed with paper, plastic or cardboard.

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