Thomasville power crews work long hours to get power restored

Thomasville power crews work long hours to get power restored

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Eleven crews are working around the clock in Thomasville trying to get power restored.

The City of Thomasville said there are currently around 300 outages still remaining.

"They want to be part of the effort, they take a lot of pride in restoring power in our community," said Chris White, Assistant Utilities superintendent.

Folks out on East Club Drive in Thomasville said they are happy to see crews out here restoring power, they have been out for several days because of Irma.

"At the peak of our outages we had about 7,300 customers out, roughly half of our customers," said White.

Calls started coming into the city of Thomasville utilities department about 10 Sunday night.

White said his crews were out working as long as the conditions were safe.

"They ran calls all through the night restoring outages, smaller outages, until the winds got to heavy and it wasn't safe to be on the road," said White.

By 11 Monday night, crews were able to get the number of outages down to just over 1,000.

That quick work comes with a lot of behind the scenes planning ahead of the storm.

"We actually started Wednesday the 6th with preparations, that involved our whole team public safety, utilities, public works," said White.

When an outage is reported, specifically where a lot of damage is done to the power lines or power poles, multiple crews go out to assess the damage.

White said many home owners might have seen police block off the road, and public works crews come out to remove a tree or limbs.

He said restoring wide spread power outages involved a lot of teams working together to make it go smoothly.

"We would like to have all our customers back on at this time, we are doing out absolute best," said White.

There are now 11 crews with 46 members working in Thomasville. They said they wont stop till everyone power is restored.

Thomasville crews now have help from North Georgia.

Lineman from the city of Acworth are working as mutual aid, helping to get the remaining outages back up and running.

Thomasville staff said they are usually one of the first to send help when it is need-- so it is nice to receive that help during events such as a tropical storm.

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