Flowers Foods increased production ahead of Irma

Flowers Foods increased production ahead of Irma
Chris Mulford (Source: WALB)
Chris Mulford (Source: WALB)

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Flowers Foods has been hard at work since Hurricane Irma producing more bread than usual.

The Thomasville based company went on 'Hurricane Mode' beginning last week.

That means the bakery produces a limited supply of products and are able to get them out faster.

On a normal week, the bakery produces about 1.6 million pounds a week. Last week they produced 2.2 million pounds.

Employees said they tried to get the bread restocked every time the shelves in stores became empty.

"People were buying the product as fast as we could put it on the shelves," said Chris Mulford, President, Flowers Foods Bakery. "So it's amazing to me that our sales team and independent distributors were resupplying the shelves as we could get it made at the bakery."

The bakery staff said it donated bread to people in Louisana recovering from Hurricane Harvey just days before prepping for Irma.

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