Georgia soldiers ready to respond to Irma's aftermath

Turner County Commission Chairman Sam McCard (Source: WALB)
Turner County Commission Chairman Sam McCard (Source: WALB)
William White (Source: WALB)
William White (Source: WALB)

TURNER CO., GA (WALB) - Right now, Turner County has a curfew in effect for everyone until 8 p.m. Monday night.

Meanwhile, 28 soldiers from Georgia's Department of Defense are in Ashburn ready to respond once Irma hits.

"It'd be best for those folks to shelter wherever they are and not be on the street," said Turner County Commission Chairman Sam McCard.

Sunday night, Turner County residents are under a mandatory curfew.

Officials are asking residents to seek safe shelter.

"Mobile homes, we are, anybody that don't feel safe in their home, anybody who has medical conditions that may not be able to go without power for a few days," said McCard.

The county says most businesses have agreed to stay closed tonight and tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Georgia State Defense Force is sheltering in place in Ashburn, waiting to respond to Irma's aftermath.

"It's just like our motto, we're ready to serve on our unit patch," said William White with the Georgia State Defense Force.

Turner County's EMA director requested these soldiers through GEMA back in January.

At that time, they helped hand out necessities to storm survivors.

"We set it up as a drive-through pod so citizens of Turner County could pick out and get the different items," said White.

After that response..the working relationship between the county and soldiers moved forward.

The 4th brigade now headquartered in Ashburn.

"Turner County donated this facility for us to set up and use as our headquarters here," said White.

Turner County's emergency action plan now includes the State Defense Force.

Today they're prepping their equipment and checking their vehicles.

They say their non-paid volunteer work in this brigade, means the world to them.

"It's not a chore at all to help. It's not a chore at all," said White.

The soldiers' current orders have them staying for 72 hours, but that could get extended.

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