HURRICANE VOCABULARY: 10 terms you should know

HURRICANE VOCABULARY: 10 terms you should know

As Southwest Georgians brace for Hurricane Irma, those glued to their TVs and mobile devices are probably hearing some words they're not used to hearing.

Do you know what storm surge is? Or wind shear? When it comes to hurricane survival, knowing is half the battle.

Take a look at these 10 terms often associated with tropical weather:

+ Center of circulation: The area of low pressure in a tropical cyclone

+ Computer model: Mathematical computations that predict the future path of a storm

+ Convection: Storms

+ Cyclonic: The counter-clockwise spin associated with a tropical system

+ Millibar: A unit of measure for pressure. The lower the pressure, the more intense a tropical storm's winds will be

+ Outer bands: The spirals of rain that wrap around the center of a tropical storm

+ Sea surface temperatures: Warm water that fuels a storm

+ Stalling: When a storm stops its forward motion

+ Storm surge: A rising of the sea associated with a tropical storm

+ Trough: Low pressure, convection, rain

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