Lowndes Co. officials issue voluntary evacuation

Lowndes Co. officials issue voluntary evacuation

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - A voluntary evacuation is now in place for Lowndes County.

Officials said that anyone concerned with staying in Lowndes County as Hurricane Irma heads towards Southwest Georgia is encouraged to evacuate the area.

Peak Wind Forecast: up to 80 mph sustained with gusts in excess of 100 mph.

Officials said potential impacts of the storm in the area could be extensive and include:

  • Major damage to frame built homes, with some experiencing partial roof or wall collapse.
  • Numerous windows and garage doors will fail, leading to additional structural damage.
  • Mobile homes significantly damaged, with many destroyed.
  • Damage increased by large projectiles. Locations may be uninhabitable for days to weeks.
  • Numerous large trees snapped or uprooted with roadway signs blown over.
  • Some primary and many secondary roads are impassible due to debris.
  • Significant power and communication outages.

Officials also said that there could be six to 10 inches of rain with more possible.

Sheltering: Those residing in mobile homes should seek more adequate shelter from this storm. No one should remain in a recreational vehicle. Additional shelters will be opened as needed and as space becomes available. Shelters are currently open at the following locations:

  • CrossPointe Church, 4100 North Valdosta Road, Valdosta (no pets)
  • Park Avenue United Methodist Church, 100 East Park Avenue, Valdosta (some pet space)
The City of Valdosta will open Mathis Auditorium, 2300 North Ashley Street, as a Good Samaritan shelter on Sunday, Sept. 10, at 4 p.m., to shelter those who live in mobile homes, RV's or less-safe housing and need a place to weather the storm. Those who choose to reside at Mathis Auditorium for the duration of the storm will need to bring their own bedding, medications, non-perishable food items and any personal items they may need. No pets will be allowed at the shelter, and people are advised to make other arrangements for the care of their pets. The city requests that once people check into the facility that, for their own safety, they not leave until the strongest part of the storm subsides and until it is safe to do so.

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