South Ga business owners feed evacuees on I-75

South Ga business owners feed evacuees on I-75
Chris Watts (Source: WALB)
Chris Watts (Source: WALB)

LENOX, GA (WALB) - As people are evacuating from Florida away from Hurricane Irma, South Georgia communities are stepping in to help.

A group in Lenox is giving away free food to those who are evacuating from Florida on I-75.

As evacuees approached the food stand in Lenox., their faces told all, shocked that community members were offering free food to those traveling on I-75.

"I come in at 7 a.m. every morning, don't open until 8 but there was people sleeping in their vehicles," said Chris Watts, Business Owner.

Watts and his family said that's when they decided it was time to step up and help.

"Just giving everyone a piece of mind about finding something to eat," said Watts.

The trip for Kelley Callahan-Kelley and her family was 14 hours on the interstate, as they evacuated from Cocoa, FL.

This meal did more than help their hunger, it touched their hearts to know someone out there cares about what they are going through.

"It's very emotional to see that because so many people need help in this world. To see that just really touches me," said Callahan-Kelley.

No catch and no money needed - just love from the hearts of people who have also been devastated by natural disasters just over a year ago.

"It takes a lot for someone to just up and leave for a hurricane and for those who can't afford it that's a whole meal basically," she added.

This group was served food on Thursday and Friday. They said local churches have stepped up to take over the stand for the weekend.

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