Volunteers prep for Hurricane Irma, looking for more help

Volunteers prep for Hurricane Irma, looking for more help

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Albany and Dougherty County volunteers are trying to organize rescue efforts now ahead of Hurricane Irma.

They have formed a group called SGA Disasters.

It was started to help organize the volunteer efforts around the state in a natural disaster.

"Volunteers are vital when our emergency response resources are taxed," said Teresa Knight, a volunteer and one of the organizers of the group.

The group has organized a phone number that volunteers will man and intake information from those needing help.

Call 911 first, but these phone lines will be available if you can't get through to 911 and need assistance.

That number is 229-234-0191. Volunteers will also monitor social media sites, looking for people who need help.

The people answering the phones will communicate with rescue crews through an app called Zello, which works as a 'walkie talkie' system.

Zello was often used in Houston for the most recent natural disaster.

Although you likely won't need the phone line until Sunday night, now is a good time to write the number down.

At the same time SGA Disaster is looking for groups of volunteers who are willing to help those in need.

The group said they are willing to work with any organization, government or agency in rescue and recovery efforts.

If you are a disaster organization, or agency and want to be a part of this effort call 229-234-0038.

You can also email the group at SGADisasters@gmail.com. The Zello Channel is called 'Hurricane Irma GA.'

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