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South GA leaders agree on SPLOST projects

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Tifton Mayor Julie Smith (Source: WALB) Tifton Mayor Julie Smith (Source: WALB)
Ty Ty Mayor Keith Beasley (Source: WALB) Ty Ty Mayor Keith Beasley (Source: WALB)

After a lengthy debate, Tifton leaders agreed on the SPLOST projects that will be put on the November ballot on Thursday night. 

Tift County and the cities of Tifton, Ty Ty and Omega held their final planning meeting at the Leroy Rogers Senior Center in Tifton. 

Much of the SPLOST funds will be used for capital projects like road improvements and economic development.

After two joint meetings, the governing bodies finally agreed on how that want to divide those funds.

Tift County will get 59 percent.

The city of Tifton will get 35 percent.

And Omega and Ty Ty will each receive 3 percent. 

The percentage was distributed based on population and need.

Officials re-used the SPLOST percentages from six years ago and applied it to this year. 

Tifton's Mayor Julie Smith was happy the bodies were able to come to an agreement. 

"We all were able to come together and really set aside some items that we've been sort of fussing over the last couple of years and really look out for what's best for Tifton so I'm excited about our future," said Smith.

"For a small town with a small budget a lot of these projects are multi-million dollar projects and small towns just don't have that kind of revenue coming in," Ty Ty Mayor Keith Beasley explained. 

Mayor Beasley plans to use the funds to upgrade Ty Ty's sewer system and plant. 

Much of the hard work is over but there will be a few more meetings on state protocols before November. 

The governing bodies will be sending a public notice out to residents so they can review those projects. 

But they can't be changed since they were approved at Thursday night's meeting. 

Those SPLOST projects will then be on the ballot for the November election.

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