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Ft. Myers evacuee fled to Albany to escape Hurricane Irma

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Mark Busby and his family drove all night long Wednesday from Fort Myers.

They spent 13 hours in the car driving Wednesday when normally it should be a seven-hour drive.

They are staying at an Albany hotel because it was the closest available from Florida.

When he saw Hurricane Irma was the strongest recorded storm out in the Atlantic, his family didn't think twice about evacuating.

His neighbor is a first responder who stayed in Fort Myers.

Busby said he hopes to have updates from him but is a little anxious about having to watch the impact of the storm so far from home. 

"I'm kinda sad, but I hope this isn't gonna be as bad as it looks and then fight or flight, alright we're going to get out of here. Safety first," said Busby.

Busby said he, along with his wife and daughter, are planning to stay here in Albany until the storm clears up. 

He doesn't regret evacuating. He said it's better to be safe than sorry.

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