Albany resident demands changes be made to dangerous intersection

Albany resident demands changes be made to dangerous intersection

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A concerned Albany resident is asking for changes to be made to what she's calling a dangerous intersection.

Mary Galloway said the intersection of North Madison Street and West 3rd Avenue is a hot spot for crashes.

She said she's had enough and wants officials to look into what could be done to prevent more wrecks from happening.

Galloway reached out to WALB News 10 after we covered a fatal crash at the same intersection a couple of weeks ago.

Galloway lived on West 3rd Avenue.

She said she's witnessed crash after crash, in the same spot.

She's urging officials to take action and reinforce safety on this intersection.

"I personally feel it could've been prevented if they would have taken the time to come out here and check the lighting on the intersection or just patrol it to see what factors into all these wrecks that we're having here," said Galloway.

We have reached out to the Albany Police Department to get a comment about previous accidents at this same intersection and to see if plans are in place for possible improvement.

Albany police said this area had five reported accidents so far in 2017.

Two of which police did not file charges.

Three of those crashes were caused by red light violations and improper turns.

APD said the intersection is not considered a common spot for crashes.

Lieutenant William Dowdell said that most of the wrecks there are caused by driver error.

"Pay attention, put the telephones up, put the food items down and eliminate the distracted driving and that will help a whole lot and reduce your speed," explained Dowdell.

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