Accused husband killer's trial tentatively set

Accused husband killer's trial tentatively set
The trial could start in December. (Source: WALB)
The trial could start in December. (Source: WALB)
Lee Wilson is a private investigator hired by Jake's family. (Source: WALB)
Lee Wilson is a private investigator hired by Jake's family. (Source: WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - A woman accused of murdering her husband three years ago in Dougherty County will likely go to trial in December.

On Tuesday, Susan Embert went before Dougherty County Judge Willie Lockette for a status hearing.

Embert is accused of killing her husband Jake Embert in June of 2014.

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Jake's family was hopeful heading into the courtroom but left disappointed.

"This has gone on 3 and a half years. They've lost a family member by a violent death," said Lee Wilson, a private investigator hired by Jake's family. "They want to bring this thing to trial and they were hoping they would get a date today."

Jake Embert was found dead with a bullet wound in his head.

At first his death was ruled a suicide, but several months later the family hired Wilson.

With his help, Susan Embert was indicted for Jake Embert's murder.

Prosecutors said they found traces of insecticide, antifreeze, and arsenic in his hair fibers.

Tuesday was not the first time Embert went before the judge.

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She's been out on bond since her arrest more than two years ago.

Family thought the judge would set a date for the trial to start soon.

Instead, defense attorney Mark Brimberry told Judge Lockette that Susan Embert is in the middle of a civil case and her bank funds have been frozen.

"That bank account contains money that is independently hers," Brimberry told the judge.

He said because of that she doesn't have the funds to do any independent studies or investigations in preparation for the trial.

"They had three years to bring this up," Wilson fought back in an interview with WALB. "Bringing it up today, we will have it done this week. Had we known it was an issue we would have addressed it."

Judge Lockett said that funds issue should be able to be resolved quickly.

Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards said her trial will likely begin before the new year.

"This is a case we want to move forward in the process and the court indicates the case will be set in December of 2017," said Edwards.

The defense did not want to comment on Tuesday, until the civil matter is addressed.

Judge Lockette has set another pre-trial hearing for November 2nd, with a trial tentatively starting in December.

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