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Boaters excited about new life-saving 911 markers on Kinchafoonee

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People who spent Labor Day on the Kinchafoonee Creek may have noticed new 911 mile markers. 

While pulling their boats and jet skis from the water, some of the boaters spotted the blue markers along the Kinchafoonee Creek. 

Ryan Peters thought they were for kayakers when out fishing Monday morning.

He thought the 'K' on the sign stood for kayakers instead of Kinchafoonee. 

"They might give out or get tired they might use those the markers to let someone know where to pick them up," said Peters. 

But they're actually for everyone, including those like Peters who had to paddle all the way home after his friend's boat broke down awhile back. 

"It's hard to kind of get your bearings on the water sometimes to tell where you're at," Peters explained. 

Lee County Code Enforcement Officer Ben Roberts pointed out, "mile marker zero, if you go north on the Kinchafoonee, it goes all the way up to Pinewood Road," which would be mile marker 20.

A group of Eagle Scouts placed them on the most traveled parts of the creek.

"Unless you were real familiar with the creek, you've been doing it for years and years, I don't think they had a clue to tell you where they were," said Roberts. 

Like the mile markers on the highway, they help first responders quickly find people who may be lost or had an accident or medical emergency on the creek. 

"Somebody goes out, and they're supposed to be home at 7 o'clock and their spouse got worried because it was 8:30 and they hadn't heard of them," Roberts explained. 

"Like if somebody falls off the boat or something and need to call 911, you can tell them where you are," said Ashley Horton, who spotted the signs while on her jet ski. 

Roberts said the markers will eventually go in Lee County's 911 map system for dispatchers to quickly trace emergency calls.

They also plan to put 911 markers on parts of the Muckalee Creek in the coming months.

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