Company owner releases statement after accused fire extinguisher scam

Company owner releases statement after accused fire extinguisher scam

WALB spoke with the owner of the National Fire Extinguisher Company out of Tallahassee about a possible fire extinguisher scam that came out in Thomasville this week.

Larry Scoma said that his business is not involved in the scam.

Investigators originally said they believed someone took those tags and used them in Thomasville for illegitimate purposes.

Scoma said he is working with state fire investigators and the Thomasville Police Department.

Scoma released the following statement on Friday:

"The fire extinguisher was never serviced in the state of Georgia. It was serviced in Tallahassee, and then the business owner - when they moved to up to Thomasville, Georgia - they moved the fire extinguisher up there. There was never a scam. We have been in business for 37 years."

The Thomasville Police Department updated its Facebook post on Friday with a statement saying:

"This situation is being investigated by the state Fire Marshal's office. We have a duty to protect our citizens, as does the Fire Department, which is why this was delivered as a public service announcement."

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