ASU Police prepare for this weekend's season opener

ASU Police prepare for this weekend's season opener
Chief John Fields (Source: WALB)
Chief John Fields (Source: WALB)
ASU will play Valdosta State (Source: WALB)
ASU will play Valdosta State (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - With the new campus carry law in effect, many questions about how it's going to impact college football games, especially ahead of this weekend's season opener at Albany State University.

ASU Police Chief John Fields said his department is working with other local law enforcement agencies to ensure this weekend goes off without a hitch.

On top of handling heavier traffic around the university this Saturday, police will be patrolling the campus, inside and outside the game.

Fields said that if you have a permit, it is legal for you to carry a concealed weapon at the tailgates.

But he wanted to remind people that the law clearly states weapons are not allowed at athletic events.

Football games are gun free zones, meaning you cannot carry your weapon inside the stadium.

There are other gun-free zones including dorms, Greek life houses and administrative offices.

"Every bag that comes into the game, women will have to open up their purse. You can't bring any food, water, drinks, and definitely, you cannot bring any weapons inside the stadium. I want to reiterate that. House Bill 280 says that you cannot carry a weapon inside the football stadium," explained Chief Fields.

Field said officers will be patrolling the tailgates to ensure people are following the laws and also reminds people to prepare for wet weather. But you cannot bring umbrellas into the stadium, so pack your ponchos.

ASU will play Valdosta State Saturday night at 7.

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