Girls Inc. looks for women to join 'Committee of 100'

Girls Inc. looks for women to join 'Committee of 100'

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Girls Incorporated of Albany is looking for women to join their "Committee of 100", and help pave the way for young girls.

The committee is made up of 100 diverse women who are leaders and professionals in the community.

These women will serve as mentors to the girls throughout the year, teaching them morals, and how to prepare for future professions.

There will be 70 girls participating in this program this year.

Smith Wilson, Board of Trustees, said this program is more than just an after school program.

"They get to see different aspects of professions, they get to see different women from all walks of life, and they get to really see women who are out in the community, who are doing for the community and what they can aspire to be when they grow older," said Wilson.

If you want to get involved with Girls Inc. or become a part of the Committee of 100, contact (229) 435-1897.

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