Former South GA resident reveals devastation left in wake of Harvey

Former South GA resident reveals devastation left in wake of Harvey
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)

Former South Georgia residents are recovering Thursday night in Texas after being hit by Hurricane Harvey.

And people said the video and pictures don't show just how bad the devastation really is.

"The scope of this thing is enormous, within a mile of where I'm sitting right now there were helicopters plucking people off of roofs and subdivisions that are going to be flooded for quite some time," said Greg Coop, a former South Georgia resident.

Coop spent 10 years in Moultrie, Georgia before packing up to take on a new opportunity in Houston Texas last year.

Now he and many others in Texas are in recovery mode after what's being named one of the worst storms in years.

Coop and a nearby church came across a group of more than 70 firefighters from Arizona who needed a place to stay.

"We managed to bunk 72 of them here at the YMCA, we put them in the Gym. The church provided cots and beds," said Coop.

That's when Coop said he experienced one of the most random, yet amazing acts of kindness.

"Two ladies walked in and said, 'We want to help.' They gathered laundry from the firefighters, these two ladies took them home, it was amazing. They got back at 6:15 this morning and had been doing laundry all night," explained Coop.

Coop said that through all the devastation it's those moments that are carrying most Texan's through this tough time.

"With all the things we've heard and seen, especially internally, to see something like that, it was wonderful, the firefighters were so appreciative," said Coop.

Coop said he encourages his Colquitt County friends and family to donate to the cause of their choice.

He said that the community has a long road ahead of them as far as rebuilding.

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