2 candidates for City Commissioner Ward II address concerns and goals

2 candidates for City Commissioner Ward II address concerns and goals
Matt Fuller (Source: WALB)
Matt Fuller (Source: WALB)
CaMia Hopson (Source: WALB)
CaMia Hopson (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We're hearing from the last two candidates to enter the Ward II Commissioner race for the city of Albany.

Matt Fuller and CaMia Hopson are two of the five candidates running for the ward. We spoke with both candidates to get an idea of what they plan to improve and change if they're elected.

Matt Fuller is a small business owner who was born and raised in Albany. He believes it's important for the city of Albany to have leaders with business experience.

Fuller said improving education, bringing in new industries, and combating crime are some of his main goals.

"I think Albany has so much untapped potential," said Fuller.  "Again, that's another reason why I wanted to get involved because I see huge potential in Albany and a lot of untapped resources that we really need to get into."

Fuller said he's also focused on creating long-term goals for the city.

We also spoke with CaMia Hopson who entered the race last Friday as well.

She is an Albany native who is currently an Information Technology Project Manager at the Marine Corps Logistics Base. She believes the city would be able to progress forward once the community embraces dignity and pride in Albany.

She wants to focus on incorporating the best possible tools for education, cleaning up the city, and ensuring that elderly are taken care of.

"I started feeling like the people who are making city-impacting decisions and budget decisions for our community should also be the same people out in the community who actually see what's going on from day to day. The people who are actually out there serving, being servant leaders," Hopson said.

She said she's spoken with people in the community who say they need a voice that speaks for them.

She said her goal is to hear their concerns and take action.

The other candidates for City Commissioner Ward II include Haryl Dabney Jr., Rev. Ivey L. Hines, and Bobby Coleman, who is the current City Commissioner for Ward II.

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