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Albany '94 flood survivors react to horrific images from Harvey

(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
Makeba Wright, '94 Flood Survivor (Source: WALB) Makeba Wright, '94 Flood Survivor (Source: WALB)
EMA Director and Fire Chief Ron Rowe (Source: WALB) EMA Director and Fire Chief Ron Rowe (Source: WALB)

The devastating images coming out of Texas triggered memories in many Albany survivors of the flood of 1994 

"On the sidewalk and the water if you see that stop sign that says Johnny Williams and Harvey Road, it literally was coming around the corner," Makeba Wright remembered. 

Watching the horrific videos out of Texas reminded Wright of what she experienced just 23 years earlier. 

"It was dry and all of the sudden water was over the tires of our vehicles," Wright explained. 

It was very traumatizing for the young 10th grader at the time, who knows all too well of what Texans are going through. 

"People trapped on their roof and asking and begging for help it just touches me deeply," said Wright. 

The flood waters reached the roof of their home, and everything her parents had was washed away.

"It happened just that quick," said Wright. 

Much of Slappey Boulevard was flooded included both north and south. Sonny's BBQ Restaurant had about six to seven feet of water. 

EMA Director and Fire Chief Ron Rowe called it the 500-year flood.

"People having to be rescued it was we went through here," Rowe recalled. 

The young firefighter spent days in boats, "the count was I think 26 people off one roof." 

Even after he warned them to leave hours earlier, Houston is no different with many residents reluctant to leave items they value the most behind.

"Wedding pictures, if you have children where they put their hand prints, all that stuff is gone and you can't recreate that," Rowe explained. 

It's much like a death in the family.

But Rowe said, "there's opportunity in every disaster" to make things new again, and it starts with the outpouring of relief efforts. 

"Show the support, send them goods," said Wright. 

EMA Director Rowe said if he could go to Houston to help, he would. 

He explained that 10 members of the Georgia Search and Rescue team are on standby to help with Hurricane Harvey relief. 

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