Men arrested in Thomasville also charged in Valdosta

Men arrested in Thomasville also charged in Valdosta
Two men held up J&M Liquors on August 14th (Source: WALB)
Two men held up J&M Liquors on August 14th (Source: WALB)

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Two armed robbery suspects arrested in Thomas County are also suspected in several other counties, and in Florida, have been charged with crimes in Valdosta.

Darrell Perry, 27, and Kealeeon Miranda, 20, both from Thomasville, face two counts armed robbery, one count aggravated assault, a count of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, and a count of burglary, brought by the Valdosta Police Department.

VPD Detectives went to the jails where the men are being held on Monday, and interviewed them.

Those interviews convinced detectives that the men committed a residential burglary on July 23 in the 500 block of Parker Mathis Drive, and stole two rifles. These guns were used in the August 4 armed robbery of Valdosta Title Pawn on North Ashley Street. VPD has since recovered both rifles.

"We are very grateful to Thomasville PD, Thomas County SO, Baker County SO, Calhoun County SO, and Decatur County SO," said VPD Chief Brian Childress.  "With these agencies working together, we solved two serious cases in Valdosta."

Bainbridge investigators said Miranda and Perry were behind at least 10 armed robberies across the state, including an armed robbery at the J&M Liquor Store in Baker County.

Surveillance video from the J&M Liquor Store shows two men walking into the store, looking around for a few minutes before walking behind the counter. Police said they took money from the register before making the clerk sit on a stool as they left.

Police said they were also behind armed robberies in Bainbridge and Grady County, and investigators told WALB that it was a tip that came in from our newscast that led them to the two men.

"We can't thank the media enough, along with the caller. That really broke the case," said Bainbridge Public Safety Investigator Chip Nix.

The Thomasville Police Department, The Thomas County Sheriff's Office, Grady County Sheriff's Office, and the Baker County Sheriff's Office were involved in arresting the two suspects.

Kealeeon Miranda and Darrell Perry are now facing armed robbery charges in both Baker County and Bainbridge.

Investigators said these men are also suspects in armed robberies in Grady County, and Perry, Florida.

"Armed robberies are some of the scariest cases we come across because a lot of times when you're dealing with firearms and people's adrenaline rushing they tend to squeeze the trigger and we are dealing with a homicide," said Nix.

Miranda was arrested at his home Thursday night. Perry was taken into custody during a traffic stop Friday morning around 5:00 a.m.

Valdosta PD Commander of Investigations Leslie Manahan says having these men off the steets is vital to the community's safety.

"These guys alone with the two riffles that they had stolen in our jurisdiction, they are very dangerous riffles and they were very dangerous people. Luckily noone got injured over this and these two guys were put behind bars," said Manahan.

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