Dougherty Co. Coroner addresses local issue with overdoses

Dougherty Co. Coroner addresses local issue with overdoses
Coroner Michael Fowler (Source: WALB)
Coroner Michael Fowler (Source: WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Prescription pill overdoses are not only a national issue.

The Dougherty County Coroner said it's affecting us right here in Albany.

Coroner Michael Fowler said prescription medication is easy for folks, especially kids and young adults, to get their hands on.

He said he's responded to multiple deaths recently, where he's seen several bottles of prescription pills prescribed to one person, but from multiple doctors.

Fowler adds that right now, the biggest trend he's seeing is younger kids experimenting with prescription drugs.

"Compared to what it used to be, yes, young kids are doing it now because it's easy to get to.... Lock it up, put it up high enough so the kids cannot get into. Because when kids are at home, mom and dad are at work, they are going to find things to get into it and experiment," said Fowler.

He said, most of the time, when he arrives on scene, he takes the person's medication to prevent others from abusing or selling the medication.

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