Editorial: Clear the Shelters

Editorial: Clear the Shelters

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Clear the Shelters, a ground-breaking, community-driven initiative that seeks to match animals in need with loving and permanent homes, returned on August 19th for its third nationwide campaign!

The Clear the Shelters initiative was expanded nationally after it first launched in 2014, and found homes for over 2,200 animals in one day. WALB partnered with local animal shelters to host the Clear the Shelters event.

Clear the Shelters annual adoption event, help's address the overcrowding issues that local animal shelters typically experience in the summer months because of spring litters.

In 2016 4 local shelters participated, and found homes for 123 animals. This year a total of eight participating South Georgia shelters offered families the opportunity to adopt animals in need, by offering waived or reduced adoption fees, helping make this year's event a huge success.

293 cats and dogs found their forever homes on Saturday, doubling the 2016 adoption count for our area. Nationwide this year's Clear the Shelters event helped find homes for over 70,000 animals.

The support our local shelters received from volunteers, donations, and partner veterinarians, helped make this year's event such a success.

Many shelters rely solely on donations and volunteers to care for animals in need.

Being able to take part in an event of this size helps bring awareness to shelters in the area and the issues of overcrowding faced by shelters nationwide.

It is important to spay and neuter pets to help prevent unwanted puppies and kittens, that ultimately end up in shelters if they do not find a home.

If you would like to help your local animal shelter you can do so by volunteering, donating, or even adopting your own pet.

We invite you to tune-in to WALB in September to watch Clear the Shelters a 30-minute post adoption drive special that will include local stories, plus celebrities and their pets and recaps of this year's adoption campaign. Thank you to our local sponsor, Leesburg Animal Hospital and National sponsors Petco and VIP Petcare.

If you adopted an animal over the weekend we want you to share your photos with us on WALB's Facebook page. You can find out more about the local Clear The Shelters event at WALB.com or the national event HERE.

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