Study reveals ASU's growing economic impact on region

Study reveals ASU's growing economic impact on region
Denise Ward (Source: WALB)
Denise Ward (Source: WALB)
The study took into account student spending (Source: WALB)
The study took into account student spending (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A recently released study shows Albany State University has a big economic impact on Albany and surrounding areas.

University officials said the study's findings show how a major college or a university can be a major economic booster for a city. The study, which was released last week by the University System of Georgia, showed the new Albany State University had a $289 million economic impact on the region.

That amount includes student spending, employment and indirect and direct spending by the university.

In comparison to combined 2015 numbers of ASU and the former Darton State College before the consolidation, the university's economic impact increased by $4 million.

"It really shows the importance of that relationship, that we're continuing to grow and build as we are making some changes here at Albany State so to me it just shows the impact is more important when we do work together and it can benefit both the university and the city, the county, and the region," said ASU spokesperson Denise Ward.

Ward added that partnerships with the city, other institutions like Albany Tech, and other industries are vital to the university's success.

"I think what it shows though when Albany State University succeeds, this area succeeds and then vice versa, when the area succeeds, Albany State succeeds because again, students want to come to an area that's robust, where they can enjoy themselves," said Ward.

Ward said the university is continuing to look at other partnerships to continue the growth it is currently seeing.

A breakdown of the numbers showed labor income for the region valued at $121 million and student spending at $140 million were the two big drivers of the university's impact.

You can view the full study with data for all USG institutions below.

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