'Grace of God' play lifted Dougherty over Mitchell Co.

'Grace of God' play lifted Dougherty over Mitchell Co.

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - They say pressure bursts pipes, but its also instrumental in making diamonds.

That was never more true then Saturday night when Dougherty had a game-winning connection with under a minute to go in the 4th.

The Trojans were down at Mitchell county on is 4th and 31 from midfield.

Jaylen Joyner heaved up a pass to Kam Venisee who grabbed it over two Eagles defenders for a score.

With just seconds left on the clock--the Trojans would hold on to win 18-14.

Joyner told WALB that Kam caught it by the grace of God.

"I knew it was going to be man coverage and the safety came over the top," said Joyner. "It was a go-route to my receiver Kam Venisee and I just threw it."

Thanks to the 50-yard connection the Trojans improved to 1-1.

Dougherty will host Berrien Friday night at Hugh Mills Stadium.