Lowndes Co. encourages monetary donations for Hurricane Harvey

Lowndes Co. encourages monetary donations for Hurricane Harvey

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Lowndes County citizens are donating to the victims of Tropical Storm Harvey, but are asking people to be mindful of what is being donated.

Lowndes County officials want to encourage monetary donations; instead of household items, like food and clothes.

Lowndes County Public Information Officer Paige Dukes said that Lowndes County Emergency Management Services said it is great to donate clothes and hygiene products, but it could be doing more harm than good, right now.

Dukes stated that millions of pounds of clothes and household items sat in parking lots during Hurricane Katrina because there was no designated manpower to clean, sort and redistribute the items.

She said that all the material had to be thrown away.

"While our hearts certainly go out to those people, we want to do things for them that will actually help, not things that will complicate the recovery for that community of this event," said Dukes.

Dukes said that the American Red Cross and Salvation Army are asking for financial support to assist programs that will help people get back on their feet.

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