Worth Co. mom records deputy playing ball with neighborhood kids

Worth Co. mom records deputy playing ball with neighborhood kids
Jessica Stolze (Source: WALB)
Jessica Stolze (Source: WALB)
Brittany Teneyck (Source: WALB)
Brittany Teneyck (Source: WALB)

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - A neighborhood ball game is getting a lot of attention on social media.

A Worth County deputy decided to park his patrol car in the middle of the street, but not to make an arrest.

Instead, he joined the kids as they played, and left an impression not only on the kids, but on the parents as well.

It's a video that's been liked over 740 times and shared close to 300 times.

A regular neighborhood basketball game in Worthy Manor quickly turned into something bigger.

"I was inside and my son came running in," said Jessica Stolze. "He said, 'Mama, mama, you have to come see this. This is awesome.' I didn't know what it was. So I jumped up and came outside."

When Stolze walked outside, she saw her kids, along with her neighbor Brittany Teneyck's kids, playing ball with Worth County Deputy Truitt Odom.

"'Mama, he's already played basketball with us and now he wants to play football,'" said Stolze's son.  "He was all excited, and he's 15."

Stolze decided to capture the moment on her camera.

"To see one actually take time to stop, and spend time with the kids, and speak, and say, 'Hey, any time you need us, we're here. We're not always chasing bad people. We're for other things too,'" said Stolze.

Stolze posted it on Facebook and it quickly garnered a lot of likes and positive comments.

Teneyck said she hopes this post will send a message to young people who may be afraid of law enforcement.

"The kids have Facebook, they have Instagram, they have all of these outlets that show them the negative videos of officers that are beating on people or hurting people for absolutely no reason. I think that he set a good example showing the kids that not all law enforcement does that.  So, 'Every time you see me, that doesn't mean you have to be scared. I want to be a more inviting person to you.  If you have something going on, you can come to me and tell me about it and I can help you out.' And he told them that," said Teneyck.

Stolze said she knows Deputy Odom didn't do this for attention or the recognition. But she hopes the attention this video is getting on Facebook will encourage other officers and deputies to take some time out to interact with kids because they never know the impact they'll have.

Deputy Odom has been with the Worth County Sheriff's Office for about four years now.

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