Valdosta community reacts to teen curfew proposal

Valdosta community reacts to teen curfew proposal

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Yesterday, the Valdosta City Council met to discuss the proposal for the amended teen curfew.

The city has already had a curfew in place for children 16 and under.

And now, the Valdosta Police Department is proposing to add a citation up to $1000 for parents and guardians if a child is caught outside during the designated hours.

Many people were torn right down the middle with the new proposal.

But everyone agreed that something must change.

Community members are split on the newly amended teen curfew proposal.

Many people waited patiently for haircuts at the Ace of Fades Barbershop in Valdosta.

While waiting for Council-woman Vivian Miller-Cody and WALB asked them for their input on the proposed curfew.

Chris Hill, a pastor says he's in favor of the amendment.

"I think we need to do something in our community and we need a curfew," said Hill "With our children being 16 years of age, you need to be home with your parents and if you're not home, then your parents are responsible."

The proposal would like to fine parents or guardians up to one thousand dollars if their child is caught outside between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m.

Zicory Ford said that there are already many laws in place that keep parents from parenting their child.

He said placing a fine on top will only add to that problem.

"It will be more disastrous, cause you already struggling to pay the bills and to keep these kids with a roof over their head, now you've got a thousand dollar or better fine over your head," said Ford.

Hill said that if the amended ordinance is approved, it cannot be a one size fits all situation.

He stands firm that the parents need to be in control.

"The kids didn't ask to be here, they were born under those parents and those parents need to do whatever it takes, by any means necessary, to raise their children to be productive citizens in our society," said Hill.

The city council will meet again on September 7th to read the proposal for the second time and address any more concerns.

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