Valdosta city leaders meet to discuss changing curfew ordinance

Valdosta city leaders meet to discuss changing curfew ordinance

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The Valdosta City Council met Thursday night and changes to a teen curfew ordinance were on the agenda.

The state of Georgia already has a teen curfew for children 16 and younger.

Police Chief Brian Childress said the new proposal will change that to include 17-year-olds within the city limits.

It will also include citations for parents or guardians who don't know where their children are.

Childress said he is not looking to arrest juveniles, but instead, wants to put the responsibility back on the parents.

"I'm tired of people expecting the police to raise their kids. If you have a child or you're a guardian of a child or take custody of a child and you're supposed to be watching that child, it is your responsibility," said Childress.

Not all were in favor of the amended proposal at Thursday's city council meeting.

However, everyone did agree that something must be done to keep children off the street.

Thursday's meeting will be the first reading of the proposal.

It will have to go to the city council a second time before a vote can be held.

City council members will review the proposal again on September 7.

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