ASU hosts campus carry workshop for students

ASU hosts campus carry workshop for students
Campus carry law in effect (Source: WALB)
Campus carry law in effect (Source: WALB)
Brandon Wainwright (Source: WALB)
Brandon Wainwright (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Tuesday morning, ASU police held their second campus carry workshop to answer questions students and faculty may have about the new law.

One student said he feels safer on campus now.

"I'm definitely enjoying it," said ASU freshman Brandon Wainwright.

Wainwright said he's relieved House Bill 280 passed.

"I just came from the Marine Corps, and in the last four years I was there, there were countless shootings in schools and everything else. College was kind of a nerve racking place," he said.

Now, his outlook on safety at school has changed.

With the new law in effect, students with a permit can carry a concealed weapon on a public college campus.

Guns are allowed in classrooms, but not in classrooms with enrolled high school students.

On Tuesday, ASU police invited students, faculty, staff, and guests to attend a workshop about the law and what to do in an active shooter situation.

Wainwright was one of the handfuls of students to attend.

"I wanted to make sure I was doing it right and legally as far as campus rules and laws and stuff like that," he said.

According to the law, there are some gun-free zones, including on-campus preschools, and faculty or administrative offices.

And when it comes to defending yourself during an active shooter situation, the law states you must keep your weapon concealed unless you are in immediate danger and have to use it for self-defense.

"So if there is an active shooter and he comes in my classroom, I can put him down before he puts down the entire class," said Wainwright.

There will be another campus carry workshop held on the east campus later this year.

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