Valdosta woman faces charges after dog falls off moving trailer

Valdosta woman faces charges after dog falls off moving trailer

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - A woman is facing animal cruelty charges after police said one of her dogs fell off a moving trailer.

On Friday, around 8:30 a.m, the Valdosta Police Department said they were tipped off by a concerned citizen about two dogs chained to a moving farm trailer

VPD caught up to the driver, Teresa Lopez, 47, and saw the dogs were literally on the edge of the trailer.

"A dog I've been told, reaches the intelligence level of maybe a 3-year-old, they are completely helpless, we've got to start taking these cases serious," said Police Chief Brian Childress.

VPD said as the officer located the moving trailer, the unimaginable happened, one of the dogs fell off the trailer.

VPD said it will not release the video or the photos because they are too graphic, but said that the animal was dragged down Connell Road until its palms were bloody.

According to police, Lopez was unaware that one of her dogs had fallen off.

Lieutenant Adam Bembry said people should always be aware of what is safe and what is not.

"You don't want to put any living this in a situation where harm can come to it," said Bembry.

Childress said it is time to step-up and take responsibility for children and pets.

"These animals are children, you are as responsible for them as you are your own children," said Childress.

Police said they are glad that the detective caught up with the vehicle in time to save the animal's life.

Lopez was not arrested, but she is facing charges of cruelty to animals.

A court date will be set in the near future.

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