Arrest made in triple homicide, suspect has criminal past

Arrest made in triple homicide, suspect has criminal past
Scene at East Alberson shooting (Source: WALB)
Scene at East Alberson shooting (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We're learning more about the criminal past of a man arrested in connection with a triple homicide earlier this summer.

But that same night, there were several other violent incidents around the city.

Ticorey Frazier was already in jail on a separate charge, when police brought him in for questioning about the June 27th murders on East Alberson.

Two days after that shooting on Alberson, Frazier was caught walking down the street with a rifle and was arrested.

Then shortly that, Albany police charged him in connection with another June 27th shooting on McArthur Street.  

Albany police said information from tips led investigators to Frazier.

He's now charged with three counts of Murder.

Police said they found Adrionna Holmes, 26, Demarquis Williams, 25, and Tyquis Smith, 23, dead inside this home on East Alberson with multiple gun shots.

Those murders happened on what was a crime-filled night in Albany.

Dougherty DA Greg Edwards said Ticorey Frazier is suspected of being involved in multiple incidents on the night of June 27th, including a shooting on McArthur Street where one man was shot in the leg.

"We're looking at the holistic view of these events," said Edwards.  "And we will be looking to see if there are any other suspects.  We will be looking to see how these events interconnect if they interconnect.  At this point, that is where the investigation is going."

In all, there were four shootings in Albany the night of June 27th.

Someone shot a 47-year-old man on Clark Avenue around 10:20 p.m.

Another man was shot in the leg on McArthur Street a little over an hour later.

And a 19-year-old man went to the hospital after someone shot him on Tulsa Lane.

Edwards said they are exploring the circumstances surrounding the triple homicide investigation on Alberson to see if it's gang-related.

Police said they expect to make more arrests in the case.

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