Lowndes Co. leaders break ground on new community center in Naylor

Lowndes Co. leaders break ground on new community center in Naylor

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Lowndes County commissioners dug shovels into the dirt on Wednesday for the ground-breaking of the new community center in Naylor.

All heads were bowed as prayer kicked off the ceremony.

The center has been in the works for almost 16 years and Naylor resident Barbra Doe said she couldn't be happier.

"Forever! Forever, we have been waiting on this forever and we are just so excited! I took off of my job to come out here, so that's just how important this is to me," said Doe.

District One County Commissioner Joyce Evans said she has been with the project since the beginning.

She said that she is beyond happy that her efforts and the community's efforts have paid off.

"This is something that came to creation because of the community's support," said Evans.

Evans said the project took so long because commissioners could not find a place to build the center.

The building will host a variety of events, such as parties, family reunions and meetings.

Lowndes County Commission Chairman Bill Slaughter said he hopes the community takes advantage of its new facility.

"Enjoy, it has a lot of potential and a lot of ways they can actually benefit from this building, so again, have fun with it, enjoy it, and let it be a part of your community," said Slaughter.

As for Doe, she said she's just blessed to see it.

"If my grandma could see it now, she would be saying hallelujah," said Doe.

The community center is set to open in January of 2018.

The center is being funded by SPLOST.

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