Changes coming to the Thomas Co. drug squad

Changes coming to the Thomas Co. drug squad

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - A new policy will be going into effect this week, Drug Agents on the Thomas County/Thomasville Narcotics and Vice Division will only be Sheriff's Office personnel.

"This is something that just surfaced. We have some difference in policy issues, what the city's policies are and what the county's polices are," said Drug Squad Commander Louis Schofill.

Over the past several weeks, Police Chief Troy Rich said he has expressed his concern about Use of Force pursuits and how dangerous they can be.

Rich said he is on board with the sheriff's office taking control of the drug squad.

Schofill also believes this is a positive change for the department.

"Having two different sets of policies wasn't allowing us to be as effective as we needed to be. We decided at that time it was better for us to be under the sheriff's office control," said Schofill.

Rich said the police department has a strict policy on use of force pursuits, they are not to chase anyone for traffic violations and misdemeanor crimes.
He feels that he eliminated that liability with this new hiring policy.

As for drug agents, they just want to serve the community the best way they can, with the best personnel, and of course, limit the amount of drugs on the streets of Thomasville and Thomas County.

"It was always good, there was some disagreements that would come up we've always worked together fine and that will continue. It will just be a little more efficient now. One set of rules is always easier to follow," Schofill explained.

Although staffing has changed, the funding, however, has not.

The police department will still contribute to 50 percent of the funding or $360,000 a year to the drug squad.

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