ASU restricts QB Charles Stafford's ability to transfer

ASU restricts QB Charles Stafford's ability to transfer

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany native Charles Stafford lost the quarterback competition last year at Albany State University.

This fall he's fighting another battle--only his opponent isn't a player--but the very school he signed with in 2014.

The former Monroe High quarterback is attempting to transfer.

ASU won't grant him release to any school in the conference, nor an opponent on this fall's schedule.

Stafford originally planned to take the keys to the offense this year.

Those plans were dampened with the head coaching change this spring. Stafford doesn't feel his skills fit the new regime.

After two years of riding the pine, the junior wants to be released without stipulations so he can start playing in 2017.

"My hope is to get the stipulations removed so I can play the season coming up," Stafford told WALB. "Or if it doesn't get removed I can come back on the team with a scholarship."

As an NCAA Division II School and member of the SIAC, Albany State isn't breaking rules by inconveniencing its former player. The school pointed that out in a statement released to WALB Monday afternoon.

Albany State University (ASU) renders decisions on athletic matters in accordance with National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) legislation.  Such legislation allows schools to provide permission to contact with restrictions and to restrict a request to transfer.  ASU uses both the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC) and the NCAA as resources to ensure decisions align with NCAA and SIAC rules.

Stafford was the projected starter in the spring for the Golden Rams. He did not participate in fall camp.

Albany State kicks off the football season September 2nd at home against Valdosta State.

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