5-year-old girl gives instead of receives for birthday

5-year-old girl gives instead of receives for birthday
Wallace Anne Clark, 5-year-old (Source: WALB)
Wallace Anne Clark, 5-year-old (Source: WALB)
Charles Clark, Wallace Anne's Father (Source: WALB)
Charles Clark, Wallace Anne's Father (Source: WALB)
Nate Lehman, Associate Pastor (Source: WALB)
Nate Lehman, Associate Pastor (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - One little girl's fifth birthday party took on a different meaning than many other children's.

Wallace Anne Clark's 5th birthday wish is to help our furry friends.

"So I can help the dogs at the shelter," said Wallace Anne Clark.

Instead of asking for gifts from friends and family, she and her parents asked party guests for something a kid doesn't normally want -- dog food.

Charles Clark, Wallace Anne's dad, said this is the third time they've made this selfless decision.

"In lieu of getting so many presents that they generally just play with one time, Nate and I were talking about this earlier, and just kind of forget about this, becomes all this clutter around the house," explained Charles Clark.

Sunday, the family donated 15 bags of dog food to Porterfield Memorial United Methodist Church in Albany.

They want to help the church reach its goal of 2,552 10 pound bags of dog food to donate to the Sally Wetherbee adoption center, right across the street from the church.

Nate Lehman, Porterfield Associate Pastor, said the Clarks' donation puts the drive at more than 100 bags of dog food.

"It really kind of sets an example that those young and small, everybody, can do something to help our community. Especially our pets and animals. We like to think of others as being able to be less fortunate, but dogs and cats go hungry also," said Lehman.

Lehman said the church's mission is to love thy neighbor...even those with paws and tails.

"I am looking forward to that day October 14th and seeing 2,552 bags of cat and dog food," explained Lehman.

"Not a lot of kids would do that so I was very proud of her," said Charles Clark.

If you want to help to donate, you don't have to be a member of Porterfield.

The church will accept donations at the main lobby opened Monday through Friday 9 to 5 until October 14th, when members will celebrate the blessing of animals.

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