VIDEO: Student raps memorial for classmate killed in wreck

VIDEO: Student raps memorial for classmate killed in wreck
Jordan Cooper, a former classmate and friend of Anne Marie's, took to Facebook with a rap in her memory. (Source: Facebook)
Anne Eubanks, 17, lost her life after a crash on Philema Road on August 5. (Source: Facebook)
Anne Eubanks, 17, lost her life after a crash on Philema Road on August 5. (Source: Facebook)

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - The day after classes started for students in Lee County, tragedy struck.

One of her former classmates and friends, Jordan Cooper, took to Facebook with a rap he composed about Eubanks.

Her classmates and teachers have been mourning the loss of the young girl, just days into her senior year.

Earlier this week, a memorial was erected at the site of the crash. And flowers were placed at the permanent memorial honoring Lee County students who have passed away.

Cooper named the song "Purple Butterfly (Flight)."

The poetic lyrics compare Anne's death to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, a meaningful symbol for those who knew and loved Anne, as she was known to use a purple butterfly on social media.

Cooper said he and Eubanks have been friends since 8th grade, and that she was a very special person, who was kind to everyone she came in contact with.

He and his family moved to Texas this summer before school started, and he said he hasn't been able to be there mourning Anne Marie with the rest of their friends.

He said he just wanted her family to know what kind of young woman she was, and what she meant to others, and this was his way to do that.

"I have an interest in music and I do my own little songs every now and then. And, I was saying how I could use this song and express how we felt towards her, and how she was so friendly to all of us, and how she cared for each and every one of us," said Cooper.

Watch the video below:

Cooper posted the lyrics in the post as well:

Maybe I will see you inna different life,
We seen a caterpillar grow into a butterfly
And if they did you wrong you always seem to do them right 
But now you're home another angel gonna take its flight 
And on this song I write the pain we feeling every night 
I rap this song and then I pray your family be alright 
Anne Marie 
You know we miss you, 
Always on our mind
See now you always were the one to have our backs no matter what 
And we always had a friend that help us out when we were stuck 
Always lucky when around u 
Cause you filled our hearts with love
Never go a day without us
Yea you watching from above 
She was always just good to us

Cooper said he is glad her family appreciates his rap tribute.

He said he did it for them, knowing they are going through such a hard time.

As for Cooper, he said his future is not in music, but in business and technology, with plans to enter the military.

He said he uses his music to inspire others.

In just two days, the video was viewed almost 5,000 times.

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