Thomas Co. leaders call emergency meeting about Pinetree Blvd. grant

Thomas Co. leaders call emergency meeting about Pinetree Blvd. grant

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - Thomas County officials called an emergency meeting with the city of Thomasville on Thursday.

The meeting was in regards to Pinetree Boulevard, a road that's right-of-way issues have been debated by officials for months.

In the meeting commissioners formally announced a $3 million grant the county just received to go towards Pinetree Boulevard improvements.

The grant came from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

In order to secure the grant, the DOT must receive a confirmation letter from local officials within two weeks which is why this meeting was called.

As requested by DOT, the confirmation letter will include the following information:

  1. The section of Pinetree Boulevard designated for the project
  2. The project schedule: starting and ending date
  3. The entity that will oversee the project: City or County
  4. Assurance that the City and County agree on the project.

Pinetree Boulevard has been a hot topic in Thomasville for the past several months.

Back in 2012, taxpayers voted to give the county SPLOST funds to make improvements to the road.

County commissioners want to widen the road, making it three lanes, add a turn lane and improve the curb and gutter.

The city council members have expressed that many of them don't agree with the entire plan of a three lane road because of speed issues.

It has come to light that city leaders believe they own the rights to the road and not the county.

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