Guest Editorial: Lee Co. speaks out on hospital

Guest Editorial: Lee Co. speaks out on hospital

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - By Lee County Commissioner Rick Muggridge

I am here in my role as a Lee County Commissioner, but more specifically as a member of the team aspiring to bring a new hospital to our community, a 60 bed facility to be built in Lee County.

This has never been about hurting anyone or any organization's profit margin. This has always been about one thing, and one thing only - What we can do to improve Lee County and Southwest Georgia?

From the very beginning, we have had two primary objectives:

One goal was to create jobs, good jobs for our community, good pay, good benefits and not just for Lee Countians.

Lee, Terrell, Worth, Dougherty... our whole community will benefit.

And we hoped we dreamed of positively changing healthcare in Southwest Georgia. Giving not just Lee Countians but anyone a choice in healthcare. Knowing if we can do this we can decrease the cost of healthcare in Southwest Georgia!

We can significantly improve our region's desirability for industrial prospects and economic development! We CAN do that by providing a choice in our healthcare.

This has never been about just ONE County-- we all deserve a choice.

I got invited here today, because on Monday morning, a paid lobbyist appeared before the Dougherty County Commission. We were told he was not even invited by the commission, but instead a third party. His purpose was to ask the board to preserve the profits and the medical monopoly that now exists!

His method: Pit One County against the other. Dougherty against Lee! He was there to DIVIDE our Community!

Now, I don't know who exactly was really behind all of this, but I'm angry that a paid lobbyist would attempt to divide our community before the Dougherty County Board could even hear from us, the Lee County Board!

We are willing and eager to have open and honest discussions with anyone, and we've asked the Dougherty County Board to do just that.

Yesterday we, the Lee County Board of Commissioners extended an invitation to meet with the Dougherty Commission at a time of their choosing to discuss the hospital.

We have always been completely transparent and want to provide the Dougherty Board with all they need.

You can find out about our efforts HERE

There you can get the facts and find out how you can support OUR cause. A CHOICE in Healthcare.

We must not let special interests divide our community. That's why I am here today for just one reason-- to ask you to stand together with me, to stand together as ONE community!

JOIN ME. One Community, United.

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