Waffle House, the only place you can enjoy the solar eclipse covered and smothered

Waffle House, the only place you can enjoy the solar eclipse covered and smothered

WALB - In the south, we have a tradition, and we call it Waffle House, or WaHo for short.

Yes, it's a restaurant chain, but for us southerners, it is also a tradition. Why? Because even if the entire country is out of power, Waffle House is still open if you want a decent meal at 2 in the morning. Or maybe it's a tradition to go to the popular 24-hour spot after a late night with friends for a good breakfast to get your head on straight.

Whatever your reason, southerners know the popular chain is only an exit away.

And because of the tradition the Waffle House franchise has created in the southern states, it's no surprise that when social media said there were no more eclipse maps to be made, someone, somewhere said, 'Challenge accepted'.

Thanks to a Jerry Shannon, a faculty member at the University of Georgia, there is now a map outlining the best Waffle Houses to view the eclipse with your All-Star Special.

If you would like to enjoy a 100 percent eclipse, you won't be able to catch it in Southwest Georgia, but there are plenty of cities in the Southeast United States that will get the full eclipse served sunny side up. You can find out where, along with just about anything else you may want to know about the Great American Eclipse at GreatAmericanEclipse.com.

If you do plan on traveling to a city to get a better view of the astronomical event and you would like to enjoy a side of hash browns with your solar eclipse, visit the Waffle House website's Locations page.

And remember to view responsibly, make sure if you're going to be staring at the sun to do it with a pair of approved eclipse glasses.

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