Tifton community speaks out about Waffle House killing

Tifton community speaks out about Waffle House killing

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Residents in Tifton are in shock after someone shot and killed a Waffle House employee outside of work this weekend.

Community members are looking for solutions to end the violence.

"It's hard to walk around here and not get into it with anybody," said Demetric Smith.

Smith lives less than a mile from the Waffle House where someone shot and killed Jesse Hall, 30, Saturday morning.

It happened during an attempted robbery, around 1 a.m. while he was taking a break outside.

His death has left the community shaken.

"I feel like it's very dangerous, like people around here is getting very agitated and very aggressive with each other lately," said Smith.

That aggression is followed by weapons and attitudes said Clifford Mathis, he's a deacon at a nearby church.

"These days kids they disrespect you, they tote guns, they kill, they don't listen," said Mathis.

Community members seem to agree on one thing.

That the youth inside their neighborhoods need something or someone positive.

"Instill in your kids to believe in Jesus, believe in caring and loving each other instead of fighting and bickering and doing all that negative stuff," said Smith.

Kelvin McCrae, who works in a restaurant near the Waffle House is pleading for help.

"We need help in Tift County," said Smith. "If we don't have nobody up above that got the power to help us, it's going to continue to happen."

Pat Warren, the corporate spokesperson for Waffle House, said that the Waffle House family is in complete shock by this loss.

They will be assisting the family and employees with whatever help they need to get through this tragedy.

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