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PARENTS: DCSS works to prevent cyberbullying after alarming report

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DCSS Spokesperson J.D. Sumner (Source: WALB) DCSS Spokesperson J.D. Sumner (Source: WALB)

An alarming statistic shows an increase in suicide in teenage boys and girls.

That's according to new data from the CDC showing suicide rate among teenage girls between 15 and 19, hit a 40-year high in 2015.

For boys, the rate rose by more than 30-percent during the same 8-year period.

Earlier this week, the parents of a 12-year-old New Jersey girl said their daughter committed suicide after months of bullying

Dougherty County School System school leaders said they're being proactive to prevent in person bullying and cyber bullying. 

The system started the Caring Adult in the Building Program, where a designated person at each school for students to vent about personal hardships. 

Spokesperson J.D. Sumner said many students think adults don't understand them. 

"If you're just willing to listen. A lot of times people will talk. And so that's what we want to provide an opportunity for a sounding board for our students especially some of the ones who are carrying around burdens that we might not know of," said Sumner. 

Dougherty County schools constantly train staff on social media and how to watch for red flags like a drastic change in personality and grades.

The local Girls Scouts also has a Best-Friends-Forever (BFF) program at Radium Middle, Robert Cross and Merry Acres Middle schools that teach girls about cyber bullying. 

There were no reported bullying incidents at the school district last year. 

Here's a link to the school's bullying policy. 

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