Grady Co. students will return to new College and Career Academy

Grady Co. students will return to new College and Career Academy
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)

CAIRO, GA (WALB) - High School students in Grady County will head back to school this Friday to a brand new College and Career Academy.

The school was one of three in the state to receive a $3.5 million grant.

"It's the culmination of four years of work here at Cairo High School," said Todd Gainous, the CEO of the College and Career Academy

In just two days students at Cairo High School will step foot in the new College and Career Academy for the first time.

Gainous said the new facility will be used by many students.

"Per semester a least 500 to 600 students will come into this building every day," said Gainous.

The facility will offer courses that cater to a variety of career paths like nursing, graphics and design.

The academy will also offer a new course called mechatronics.

Administrators said the classes will better prepare students for their future.

"The skills that these kids can pick up in this building can take them right into the workforce and go into an entry level position right out of high school," said Gainous.

The academy will partner with neighboring universities and colleges to make sure students have the best materials to get a hands on learning experience.

Parts of the building will be open to the public to use like the auditorium and conference room.

"One man came through and visited and said, 'Todd, this is probably the finest building in Grady County,'" said Gainous.

Administrators said the auditorium is the last part of the project that still needs to be finished.

It should be finished a week after school starts.

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