Former Georgia Gym Dawgs return to help young gymnasts

Former Georgia Gym Dawgs return to help young gymnasts
Gym owner Ben Ledl (Source: WALB)
Gym owner Ben Ledl (Source: WALB)

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - It's one thing to reap the benefits of a program, and showcase your talent on the next level.

It's another to return to your home gym to help sew seeds into the next generation.

Beth Roberts used to train at the Tift Gymnastics Academy.

Now the recently graduated Georgia Gym Dawg, and fellow Gym Dawg alumnus Mary Beth, have returned to work with the youth.

The gym is in the midst of its annual summer camp. Kids are refining their skills for the competition season.

"Seeing them want to work is really exciting," said Roberts. "I never want a kid to feel like they have to do something. I want them to want to do it."

"It's very important not only in the skill their learning, but also there's a lot of girls that are gaining relationships," said gym owner and coach Ben Ledl. "So when they go to these meets it helps them to feel a lot more comfortable."

They were certainly comfortable last season.

The team finished the season with 15 state champions.

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