Homeowner still in shock about possible human remains

Homeowner still in shock about possible human remains

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - One Valdosta homeowner is speaking out after possible human remains were found just on the other side of her fence in Valdosta on Thursday.

Angela Moten and her family have been living in their house since March and ever since they moved in, there has been a foul odor they could not ignore.

"Me and my brother thought it was, like a dead dog smell, that's what we first thought it was," said Moten.

That odor turned out to be possible human remains, just on the other side of her fence in Valdosta.

The Valdosta Police Department received a call Thursday afternoon from a private citizen.

Crime scene technicians worked for nearly 10 hours to recover what they could.

Moten said that the whole situation makes her feel very uneasy.

"It's kind of scary cause you never know, you know," said Moten. "It's so close to the house."

Lieutenant Adam Bembry said he believes the remains have been there awhile, but said neighbors should be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

"According to my investigators, the remains were decayed to the point that they're having trouble to identify exactly what it is, that leads me to believe it's been some time," said Bembry.

As for Moten, she and her family are still in shock.

"We still are kind of shooken up, but I think as time goes by we'll get over it," said Moten.

Moten said she is just ready to put this whole situation behind her.

"Moving on, that's all we can do, put it behind us and try to move on," said Moten.

Lieutenant Bembry said the remains will be transported to Macon to have an autopsy performed. He is hoping to have the results in some time next week.

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