POLICE: Man accosted by women with ball bat

POLICE: Man accosted by women with ball bat

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Two women are facing charges after a bizarre attack at an Albany gas station.

26-year-old Treshuntina Smith and 24-year-old Courtney Smith were arrested just after midnight Thursday.

According to the police report, Montoya Davis said he was stopped at a red light at Mock Road and Clark Avenue, behind a green Honda Accord, with the women inside.

When the light turned green, the Honda didn't move, so he drove around it and pulled into the Enmark Store on Clark, he told police.

Davis says the women followed him to the gas pump.

That's when the two women got out of their car, and starting beating him, one of them using an aluminum bat, he said.

He said the women followed him into the store, and continued to hit him, before leaving. The police report says that an unidentified man got involved in the melee, but does not name him.

Police found the women near Swift Street shortly after, questioned them, and arrested them.

Davis suffered abrasions about the head and shoulders.

Courtney is charged with Battery and Treshuntina is charged with aggravated assault.

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