5 things kids can do after school when they go back to school

5 things kids can do after school when they go back to school

(WALB) - It's that time for kids to head back to the classroom, but what about after school? Here is a list of places kids can go to keep learning and interact with others outside of class:

Day Care 

  • For parents whose schedule doesn't work with their child's school hours, day care's are always an important option. However, you should always be sure to find a day care that is approved by the state. You can find licensed day care providers near you on the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning website.

After School Activities

  • Schools usually offer after school activities for kids to participate in. Programs like drama, band, art, and sports can be opportunities for your student to continue learning outside the classroom. Speak with your student's school administration to find out what sort of programs they offer.

Girl/Boy Scouts

Boys & Girls Club


  • YMCAs are another great place for children to continue to develop skills outside of the class room. To find a YMCA near you and join, visit the Find Your Y web page.

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