Body camera footage released after suspect injured in arrest

Body camera footage released after suspect injured in arrest
Quadrick Jones after arrest (Source: WALB)
Quadrick Jones after arrest (Source: WALB)
Quadrick Jones is in the Dougherty County Jail (Source: Dougherty County Jail)
Quadrick Jones is in the Dougherty County Jail (Source: Dougherty County Jail)
Nathan Davis (Source: WALB)
Nathan Davis (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - WALB got a closer look at an arrest that left one Albany suspect injured.

That man's mother reached out to WALB to see what exactly happened the night her son was arrested.

WALB first spoke with Tammy Jones earlier this month after her son Quadrick Jones, 20, was arrested.

She said he had injuries to his face, which he got during the arrest, and she wanted to know how.

WALB was given the body cam footage and heard from the city attorney's office about how the officers handled the situation.

The body camera video shows Albany Police Officers on the 300 block of South Van Buren Street in reference to a suspicious person.

Police officers spoke with Quadrick around 1:15 a.m. Tuesday, July 11th.

According to the police report, "Sgt. Casseus completed a warrant check on Jones which advised Jones possibly had active warrants for his arrest."

In the video, you can hear one of the officers on the footage saying, "That's why I'm going to place you under arrest. You got a warrant."

But after he was put in handcuffs, the police report stated, "Jones attempted to snatch his arm out of (the officer's) hand, and attempted to run away."

That's when Albany City Attorney Nathan Davis said Quadrick received scratches to his head.

Officers then put Quadrick in the backseat of the patrol car.

In a previous interview with WALB, Tammy said Quadrick wiggled because the handcuffs were too tight.

"When he wiggled, they automatically just bum rushed him and took him to the ground," said Tammy.

"The mother had claimed that her son had been bum rushed and injured, which I think the objective evidence and the tape show nothing like that occurred," said Davis. "I think the mother, like all mothers, is concerned about her son, but I think she went a little overboard on trying to paint a picture of being bum rushed."

When officers took Quadrick to the jail, he could not be admitted because of his injuries.

Albany police told WALB he was transported to the hospital by APD, treated, and released on a citation for interfering with a city officer.

When Tammy spoke with WALB, she said she understood Quadrick had an active warrant, but she questioned why the officers didn't serve the warrant.

According to the police report, the officer wrote, "Dispatch advised the hard copy for the warrant could not be located."

"I don't see any basis whatsoever to question the arrest," replied Davis.  "Also, I assume you're going to ask me about the event itself. I thought there was no semblance of anything that involved excessive force."

Davis said officers handled the incident properly.

"We feel very comfortable that if there's any legal action being contemplated, there's no foundation for it," Davis explained. "We feel very comfortable with what happened."

WALB showed the body cam video to Quadrick's mother Tammy and she watched the video with a lawyer present.

Since then, we have reached out to her and the lawyer and have not heard back from them.

Quadrick is in the Dougherty County Jail on a probation violation charge without bond.

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