Officials investigate after 5 Lowndes County churches burglarized

Officials investigate after 5 Lowndes County churches burglarized

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The Swilly Hill Church of God sign reads "The thief comes to steal, but Jesus came to give life."

Swilly Hill is just one of five churches that have been broken into in the last week - the most recent just two days ago.

Saint Marks Baptist Church, Korean First Presbyterian Church, Corinth Baptist Church and Unity Primitive Baptist Church, have all been burglarized.

Sheriff Ashley Paulk said the majority of the break-ins are happening in rural, poorly lit areas.

Churches that have smaller congregations or only meet once a week are also being preyed upon.

Paulk said thieves are targeting the same items at each location - musical instruments and audio equipment.

It is something Paulk said he never thought he would have to investigate.

"Who, but somebody out of their right mind would rob a church anyway," said Paulk. "Even the lowest criminals won't bother the church unless they're not in their right mind."

Paulk believes the same person is responsible for each one of these crimes.

He said the best way to ward off burglars is to have congregation or community members drive by the churches throughout the week.

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