Editorial: Six months after a deadly tornado

Editorial: Six months after a deadly tornado

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We've just passed an important milestone in our region's quest to move beyond the killer storms that devastated our area in January.

It's been six months since that fateful day...

We learned a tragic lesson this year, that there can be a high price to pay.

That tornado killed 16 people in Brooks County, Adel, and Albany.

We are still trying to rebuild some of the structures that were damaged, but the others that were destroyed can't be.

"Their homes are not habitable at all," County Commissioner John Hayes said. "They're still pretty traumatized by that January 22nd event. We want to do everything we can to retain as much of our population as we can, and we want to get ourselves back in the position where we can attract the population back to Dougherty County."

The same goes for hundreds of Albany's beautiful trees that were ripped up by this powerful storm.

The storm debris removal program has a curb pick up deadline of August 6. Call Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful for more details.

As bad as this tornado was, we have survived.

Let's remember this event by the way our communities came together to help those in need.

That spirit lives on in all South Georgians....

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